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Properties calculator


ColdStream can work with temperature independent properties, as explained in more detail in this documentation article. When reading through this article, you'll know that ColdStream can work with the following three input formats for the material properties:

  • Scalar input for temperature independent properties
  • List input for temperature dependent properties
  • Polynomial input for temperature dependent properties

Sometimes it is very usefull to know what the material properties are of a material at a given temperature. You might want to estimate the pressure drop throughout your design or calculate the Reynolds number to select the proper turbulence model, etc.

How to use the properties calculator

When navigating to the properties calculator in the utilities tab on ColdStream, you'll be treated with the following interface:

Properties calculator interface

In the first input field, you'll need to select what type of material you want to know the properties of (solid or fluid). Next, you'll need to select the proper material from the library. Finally you'll need to input the temperature (in Kelvin [K]) of which you want to know the material properties.

Once everything is correctly inputted, the 'Caculate'-button will light up. ColdStream will immediately calculate all the desired properties and display them to you together with a graph showing where they are with respect to the data in the library page. Clicking on the 'eye'-icon next to the different calculated properties will allow you to cycle through which graph is shown.

Results of properties calculator showing the density graph
Results of properties calculator showing the conductivity graph
✎ Note
For the properties calculator, one may select a temperature indepent material, but this will of course not give any interesting results.