Battery cooling design optimization for maximal performance & minimal effort

battery cooling and cold plate design are becoming increasingly challenging, but our generative design technology has entered this expert domain.

Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the battery cooling design process - from first battery cooling designs to virtual testing and detailed thermal management analysis.

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battery pack system cooling optimization of battery thermal management system, air cooling or liquid cooling system for battery pack, with diabatix

What is battery cooling?

 In the context of thermal design, battery cooling refers to the methods and systems used to manage the temperature of batteries in various applications.Batteries generate heat during operation, and if their temperature is not controlled, they may suffer from reduced performance, accelerated aging, and even pose potential safety risks.

Therefore, effective battery cooling is essential for optimal battery performance, longevity, and safety.Various methods are used, including air cooling, liquid cooling, and phase change cooling. These methods may involve different techniques, such as fans, heat exchangers, pumps, and refrigerants.

The choice of cooling method depends on factors such as the battery type, application, operating conditions, and performance requirements.

Battery cooling is a critical aspect of thermal design that is crucial in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of batteries in various applications; and Diabatix is here to help.

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Diabatix designed liquid cooling heat sink and a conventional liquid cooled heat sink for an EV battery, efficient heat transfer

Gain up to 20% cooling performance with generative design

Temperature management is crucial when designing battery packs and a battery cooling system. While traditional engineering approaches (such as manual design, trial, and error, etc.) have proven to be effective, they have their limits.

By employing generative design, you can push these boundaries, beyond what is required for a standard thermal management system, and explore outside-of-the-box solutions.

ColdStream is the first software platform in the world that offers generative design specifically for the thermal management system of batteries to design a bespoke and optimized battery cooling system.

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Customized cooling system designs ready for mass production

Whether you need mass manufacturing-ready designs or only prototypes for limited volumes, our generative design engine will serve all of your thermal management needs. 

Battery cooling designs can be adapted to various production techniques, from plate stamping to roll bonding.

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battery cooling systems and cooling methods to improve your battery management system with diabatix
battery cooling systems and cooling methods to improve your battery management system with diabatix

Enable high energy-dense batteries with Diabatix

Enable high energy-dense batteries with Diabatixhigh-energy lithium-ion batteries allow designs for products like electric vehicles (EVs) to increase their payload capacity and range, while also decreasing cost.

However, cooling EV battery packs inversely affects the ability to increase their power and battery life.Here at Diabatix, we can solve these cooling barriers with our AI-driven approach.

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Cut costs by reducing battery pack weight

A key cost factor in thermal management battery pack optimization is weight. For example, the EV industry is combatting this challenge by reducing the weight and volume of the battery pack itself. 

Another choice is to decrease the mass of the heat sink, which also takes up a large amount of volume and weight. Diabatix has achieved mass reductions of up to 40%, through the thousands of design iterations our artificial intelligence (AI) solution creates. 

The result is a lightweight, thin design that retains high thermal efficiency. Reducing mass in a heat sink has the advantage that less material is needed for production, making it lighter and cheaper. Read more...

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battery cooling systems and cooling methods to improve your battery management system with diabatix

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