Rely on in-depth performance analyses with CFD

Our cutting edge CFD simulation software gives you the power to simulate, analyze and visualize your design. Built upon OpenFOAM libraries, the ColdStream proprietary CFD engine provides customers with accurate and detailed results.

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Get detailed insight in your product

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables engineers to analyze their products up to the smallest detail through numerical simulation. CFD brings added value to your design and testing cycle by providing a non-intrusive and efficient way of understanding the thermal performance of your designs.

Assess the performance of your design through 3-D visualization, streamlines, contour plots, cross-sections, among many others to get a full understanding of the opportunities for further improvement.

Model complex phenomena with minimal effort


The most fundamental form of heat transfer, i.e. the transfer of energy by direct contact inside or in between different objects.


The movement of energy by actual motion of matter. This motion can be triggered by an external force (pump, fan, boundary) or by buoyancy.


The transfer of energy with the help of electromagnetic waves. Radiation requires the objects to be transparent. If not, the energy is immediately absorbed at the interface of the body.


A force on a fluid flow that is driven solely by a density difference due to a temperature gradient. Within ColdStream, the Boussinesq approximation is applied to quantify this force.

Temperature dependent properties

Material properties can be highly temperature dependent. Modeling this dependency is easily achieved through tables or 8-order polynomials.


To include the effect of turbulence in the simulation of fluid flows, a series of RANS-based turbulence models are available. Not an expert? No worries, we are here to help you select the best one through support or our documentation.

For beginners and experts

  • Automated meshing
    Extensive libraries of materials
    Automatic solver configuration
    Intuitive boundary type naming
    Automatic post-processing

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