Optimize your 3D printed cooling for maximal performance with minimal effort

Leverage generative design to explore, test, and validate your state-of-the-art 3D printed cooling channels in an effective way with minimal human effort.

Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

Integrate ColdStream smoothly into your existing toolchain and enjoy the benefits of effortless thermal engineering for 3D-printed cooling.

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3d printed heat sink from diabatix software, innovative designs and user friendly product design without a steep learning curve
use a free cad software and diabatix to generate your perfect 3d printed cooling design in our saas platform

Push thermal performance to the limit with topology optimization for heat sinks

The thermal and flow optimization process driven by AI results in our users being able to create designs and attain performances beyond their imagination.

This completely customized design will meet both your design targets and manufacturing requirements.

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Don't get overheated by cooling issues, rely on ColdStream instead.

Forget about tedious trial-and-error cycles and time-consuming manual interventions.

Generative design offers a completely new design cycle handling that effectively reduces design cycles by up to 80%.

Maximizing acceleration, minimizing mass, maximizing lifespan, or optimizing the design cycle is only a few clicks away.

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use a free cad software and diabatix to generate your perfect 3d printed cooling design in our saas platform

Gain 55% in cooling with DfAM of a copper 3D printed CPU cooler

The high conductivity of copper makes it an attractive material for thermal management. However, 3D-printing copper design in laser-based processes is challenging.

A custom microchannel design that meets 3D printing manufacturing requirements requires a sophisticated solution.

These problems limit the freedom to manufacture and design cooling/thermal management devices. Generative design through topology optimization, taking DfAM (Design for Addictive Manufacturing) rules into account, offers the solution.

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