Custom topology optimization software

Push design thermal performance to the limit

The thermal and flow optimization process enabled by Diabatix's topology optimization software and driven by AI results in optimal designs and performances beyond human imagination.

Topology optimization (TO) is a mathematical method that optimizes material usage and layout within a given design space for a given set of loads, boundary conditions, and constraints to maximize the system's performance.

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What is topology optimization?

Topology optimization is a mathematical method used across many engineering mediums to optimize a structure or component's layout to minimize its weight by removing excess material, reducing thermal stress or achieving other desired performance goals.
topology optimization with generative design, for improving traditional manufacturing methods, 3d printing, and more with diabatix
 topology optimization work using diabatix, software that optimizes material layout, structural integrity, and material density

Topology optimization problem-solving to improve design performance

Diabatix's completely customized topology optimization will meet your design targets and manufacturing requirements.

Unlike pure parametric or shape optimization, generative design through topology optimization is extremely adaptable to design parameters like design space, material properties, and geometric constraints.

Any change to your operating conditions can result in a completely different, yet optimal design topology. Perfect for the many thermal challenges you are facing today.

Diabatix's software ColdStream generates custom designs through topology optimization. That's why the thermal and flow optimization process driven by ColdStream results in designs and performances beyond human imagination. If you are more interested in off-the-shelf pin or fin heat sinks, ColdStream also offers parametric optimizations through its standard design mode. Don't hesitate to contact us.

How does topology optimization work?

Topology optimization involves using algorithms to determine the best solution or optimal material distribution within a given design space, subject to specified constraints such as stresses, strains, and other mechanical or thermal loads.

While the most common objective function of structural optimization is compliance, ColdStream deals with other objective functions, such as temperature minimization, temperature variance minimization, and more.

Additionally, ColdStream handles constraints like pressure loss, and maximum temperature, among others. ColdStream starts the design from an empty design region and builds up the structure.

This leads to design solutions characterized by high structural performance complying with competing objective functions using the least amount of material possible to achieve the desired performance targets. In topology optimization, the design space is divided into smaller elements, and the algorithm decides whether to include or exclude each element to achieve the desired performance criteria.

The resulting optimized design created from topology optimization can take many forms, from simple shapes to complex structures with intricate geometries that would be difficult or impossible to design using traditional methods.
 topology optimization work using diabatix, software that optimizes material layout, structural integrity, and material density

Exclude human limitations with topology optimization & design beyond imagination

Starting from any geometrical shape and with minimal input, generative design using topology optimization will determine the best shape to cater to your needs.

Simply set the objectives and impose the constraints most suitable to your problem.

Using our fully autonomous generative design technology eliminates human bias, and high-performance results are guaranteed.

Always stay within the limits of manufacturability

Use topology optimization to create ready-to-manufacture designs for any conventional production process and manufacturing methods (traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing methods, etc.), among others:
  • CNC milling
  • Die casting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • 3D printing
Whether you need mass manufacturing-ready designs or only limited volumes, our generative design engine is ready to serve your topology optimization or structural optimization needs.
Generative Topology Optimization extension of diabatix's design space services to solve topology optimization problems for material properties

Put topology optimization with generative design to practice

Use topology optimization to leverage generative design to explore, test, and validate complex design iterations in an effective and efficient way and at scale.Whether it is for automotive, high-performance computing, consumer goods or any other product, generative design can help you push the boundaries of thermal design to new limits.

Battery thermal management

diabatix's topology optimization tools for thermal management of finite elements and material properties for thermla management

Use topology optimization to design for temperature uniformity and minimal thermal resistance for a given pressure drop constraint and sheet metal forming manufacturing.

Power electronics cooling

Structural topology optimization process with diabatix's Topology Optimization Software for optimal design and shape optimization in your design space

Use topology optimization to minimize the temperatures of your power electronics modules containing IGBTs, MOSFETs or any other temperature-sensitive components.

Micro-electronics cooling

Solving topology optimization problems with diabatix, improving the design process through our topology optimization workflow

Control the temperature of CPUs, GPU, laser diodes, and any other high-power density electronics component to extend its lifetime with topology optimization.

Electric motor cooling

Structural topology optimization of initial design and design dependent loads of finite elements for electric motor cooling from diabatix

Minimize thermal resistance to maximize acceleration of your next-generation electric motors with topology optimization from Diabatix.

3 advantages of topology optimization software

Generative design through thermal topology optimization is highly adaptable, providing a powerful tool for engineers to optimize their thermal management strategies.

Reduced manual work

Topology optimization uses advanced mathematical algorithms to design thermal systems through computation efficiently.

Automating the design process reduces the manual work required by thermal design engineers, allowing them to focus on more complex design aspects.

Improved thermal performance

Topology optimization can enhance thermal performance and efficiency by optimizing the topology of thermal components.

This can help to reduce the risk of overheating and increase the lifespan of the device or system.

Faster design process

Topology optimization can accelerate the thermal design process by generating optimized designs that meet the desired performance requirements.

This can reduce the design cycle time and improve the time-to-market for new products, allowing companies to stay ahead of their competitors.

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