Push thermal performance to the limit with custom design

The thermal and flow optimization process driven by AI results in designs and performances beyond human imagination. This completely customized design will meet both your design targets and manufacturing requirements.

Unlike pure parametric or shape optimization, generative design through topology optimization is extremely adaptable. Any change to your operating conditions can result in a completely different, yet optimal design topology. Perfect for the many thermal challenges you are facing today.

Exclude human limitation and design beyond imagination

Starting from any geometrical shape and with minimal input, generative design by means of topology optimization will determine the best shape to cater your needs.

Simply set the objectives and impose the constraints most suitable to your problem. By using our fully autonomous generative design technology, human bias is eliminated and high performance results are guaranteed.

Always stay within the limits of manufacturability

Create ready to manufacture designs for any conventional production process, among others:
  • CNC milling
  • Die casting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • 3D printing
Whether you need mass manufacturing-ready designs or only limited volumes, our generative design engine is ready to serve your needs.

Put generative design to practice

Leverage generative design to explore, test and validate complex design iterations in an effective and efficient way and at scale. Whether it is for automotive, high-performance computing, consumer goods or any other product, generative design can help you push the boundaries of thermal design to new limits.

Battery thermal management

Design for temperature uniformity combined with minimal thermal resistance for a given pressure drop constraint and sheet metal forming manufacturing.

Power electronics cooling

Minimize the temperatures of your power electronics modules containing IGBTs, mosfets or any other temperature sensitive components.

Micro-electronics cooling

Control the temperature of CPUs, GPU, laser diodes and any other high-power density electronics component to extend its lifetime.

Electric motor cooling

Minimize thermal resistance to maximize acceleration of your next generation electric motors.

Generative design for your products?
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