Don't let cooling be an issue, rely on ColdStream instead.

ColdStream is a cloud-native engineering platform that supports everything from thermal analysis to generative design of thermal components. It enables your business to speed up product development using only state-of-the-art technologies.

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Predict temperatures quickly and accurately

Use ColdStream to easily assess the thermal performance of your product. Get essential insights in temperature distribution, flow, thermal resistances,... The first results will be available within minutes. Are you looking for high accuracy? Then check out our CFD capabilities that deliver this results within a few hours.

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Automatically find the best standard heatsink

Do not lose any more time in finding the best suited heatsinks for cooling your product. You only need a few clicks to upload the geometry, configure the operating conditions and set up the design objectives. Forget all your worries about tedious pre-processing steps such as meshing, pre-selecting a heatsink, a material or a manufacturing type. ColdStream takes over the hard work from you and provides you a standard cooling design meeting your needs.

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Generate the optimal custom heatsink

Do you need to push your thermal performance to its limits and explore all your options? Use the ColdStream custom design option and benefit from the magic of generative design.  The thermal and flow optimization process driven by AI results in designs and performances beyond human imagination. This completely customized design will meet both your design targets and manufacturing requirements.

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Access to libraries with +250 materials

Don’t worry about finding the right material properties. Our libraries contain a list of over 300 items. Easily compare solid materials, fluid materials or thermal interface materials. Your application integrates a fan or pump? No problem, you can access their performance curves via the libraries as well. Can't find your specific item? Don't hesistate to extend the library with your own custom settings.

Benefit from team collaboration

With ColdStream you can easily collaborate on the same project with your colleagues. Control the access to different projects and get a history of performed actions. Share your work with your colleagues by adding them to your project. Control the permissions by assigning the appropriate user roles.

Easily integrate advanced technologies into your workflow

All high-end technologies for cooling design collected in one easy-to-use platform and powered by world's most powerful supercomputers.

Control everything that is important to you

  • Full overview of your data storage locations
  • Monitor storage space
  • Erase your data whenever you want
  • Project overview
  • Case management
  • Live status
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Fips-140 level 4 storage protection
  • IP and activity logging