EV Cooling: Optimize your battery cooling system cooling with minimal effort

Adequate electric vehicle thermal management is essential for long battery life, fast charging, and fast car acceleration, among many others.

Our technology for generative design has made great strides in the expert domain, which is becoming increasingly complex.

Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

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CFD Modeling for Battery Thermal Management System for efficient heat transfer of battery packs
improving battery thermal management systems for a battery pack or battery cooling system

Pushing battery cooling limits with generative design

When designing battery packs, temperature management is crucial. While traditional engineering approaches have proven to be effective, they have their limits.

With generative design, you can push these boundaries.

ColdStream is the first software platform in the world that offers generative design for the thermal management of batteries.

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Speed up the development of your next generation electric motors

Forget about tedious trial-and-error cycles and time-consuming manual interventions.

Generative design offers a completely new design cycle handling that effectively reduces design cycles by up to 80%.

Maximizing acceleration, minimizing mass, maximizing lifespan, or optimizing the design cycle of your electric motors is only a few clicks away.

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Unique designs, exceptional performance for electric vehicle batteries

Unlike pure parametric or shape optimization, generative design through topology optimization is extremely adaptable. Any change to your operating conditions can result in a completely different, yet optimal design topology.  Perfect for the many thermal challenges you are facing today.
 electric vehicle batteries and battery pack improvement of heat energy with diabatix
Liquid cooled E-motor
ev cooling and battery pack optimization with thermal management system
Air cooled inverter
Air Cooling Battery Pack in EVs
Liquid battery cooling

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