We enable engineers to rapidly design effective cooling for their products

By offering an easy-to-use online thermal design platform called ColdStream, we enable engineers to push the boundaries of thermal management and to design beyond imagination

Pushing the boundaries as a standard

Diabatix is a Belgian software company that specializes in thermal analysis and design. Created on the forefront of the newest developments in topology optimization, generative design and machine learning, Diabatix has developed a technology that can create an optimized thermal design from scratch.
"We like to push the limits of what’s deemed possible. We like to challenge the status quo. This is the reason Diabatix was born and it still is what drives us today."

-- dr Lieven Vervecken, CEO
Over the years, the team has grown to more than 20 highly skilled professionals of 8 different nationalities.

Interested in joining our team? You will get the chance to work in an international environment and to contribute to the future of engineering!
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The Management

dr. Lieven Vervecken
dr. Roxane van Mellaert
Chief Product Officer
Ine Vandebeek
Head of R&D
Steven Baeyens
Chief Commercial Officer

From consultancy to software provider

From the start, Diabatix's focus is on supporting companies thermal engineering challenges. While initially the company operated as consultancy firm, the developments of the proprietary generative design technology allowed to make the switch to providing technology enabled services instead. Fast forward to 2021, after repeated customer requests for direct access to the software, Diabatix launched ColdStream, which bundles all of our innovations in thermal design into an easy-to-use in-browser platform.

ColdStream enables users to analyze or to apply generative design to thermal and flow problems. Usage of the platform does not require installing any additional software, nor does it require any special hardware. The platform relies on state-of-the-art simulation methods which are periodically updated. ColdStream offers access to several libraries and allows to manage the platform to the full extent from operational point of view. This way we ensure the most optimal user experience possible.
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