Find the optimal standard heatsink through generative design

Do you require an off-the-shelf heatsink rather than a fully custom design? We have the perfect solution for you. By combining generative design with standard shapes, ColdStream can find the best heat sink for your application.

Explore the best choices for shape, material and manufacturing

Studying the influence of different manufacturing techniques such as Forging or Extrusion on your performance and select the best material simultaneously has become reality. By relying on the most advanced algorithms that learn to map the inputs to the desired performance target, we can select the best performing heatsinks within your range of interest.

Designing multiple components, selecting the best materials and choosing manufacturing techniques can all be done simultaneously. Every design iteration we get one step closer to finding your optimal shapes.

Combine 20 objectives and constraints to optimize your product

Get the most out of your design thanks to the availability of 20 different objectives and constraints. Minimizing temperatures, pressure drops, weights, among many others is only a few clicks away.

Benefit from advanced technologies for any budget

Take full control of your design process thanks to our advanced algorithms, combined with unlimited computing power. Making the process exponentially faster. Configure the design parameters and their appropriate ranges automatically with geometry and case specific settings defined by you.

Thermal network

  • Very fast (< 2 hours)
  • Only correlations

The method is based on setting up and calculating a thermal network model every iteration of the optimization loop.

CFD reinforced

  • Reasonably fast (< 2 days)
  • CFD + correlations

Combine the best of two worlds by constructing the network model via a full CFD analysis.


  • Accurate
  • Only CFD

Run a full CFD analysis every iteration of the optimization loop to get maximal accuracy during your optimization.

Read more about our thermal network and CFD technology

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