Software as a service for generative flow and topology optimization of cooling components

Optimize thermal and flow

Increase your thermal performance by up to 30%, reduce your thermal resistance, better your heat transfer, lower your pressure drop, and much more. With the power and adaptability of generative design, you improve heat sink performance.

Design for optimality, benefit from manufacturability 

By means of gradient based optimization and topology optimization, our software can generate heat sinks that transcend the restrictions of traditional CAD geometries. As a constraint, manufacturing techniques including sheet metal forming, 3D printing, milling, die casting, among others, can be applied to ensure producibility.
Generative heat sink design
Save time and reduce costs with fast and efficient generative heat sink design

Save time and reduce costs

Our software is powered by artificial intelligence and channeled through a network of supercomputers around the globe. With AI, the iterative generative design process is exponentially faster than the conventional trial and error design approach. 

Gain insight to solve difficult problems

An advantage of generative design is its capacity to generate unique heat sink concepts and ideas in quick fashion. It effectively eliminates design bias and equips you with new insight to solve difficult problems.
Generate new concepts and ideas quickly
“Thanks to Diabatix, we were able to greatly improve the thermal performance of our stator cooling. We also gained valuable insight on the new cooling system thanks to their expertise and speed."

Lander Matthé

Easy Setup, Expert Support, State of the Art Technology

No installation, maintenance, or computing power necessary

Receive expertise and guidance from a dedicated team of thermal engineers

Leverage state of the art generative design technology for a better heat sink design

Increase your productivity. Innovate your heat sink.


Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in generative thermal design. Through the potent combination of AI and generative design, our software is capable of designing, analyzing, and optimizing cooling components with extreme speed and efficiency. With a focus on heat transfer, the thermal designs generated from our software are made to cool the high powered tech of today and tomorrow.
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