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Is it in your DNA to push the envelope? Then our AI driven design services will really demonstrate its value. Our typical clients are situated in high-tech industries, working on state-of-the-art technology and pushing the boundaries of engineering. Contact us to know how we can achieve 20%-30% extra cooling efficiency for your thermal design.

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Recent insights

  • Ellen Vanderstraeten
  • June 22nd, 2018

Thermal measurements

How can you measure the temperature of something? In this video, Joris presents three ways of getting to know the temperature of a fluid or an object. The possibilities and the inner working of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, and infrared cameras are explained. This gives you the tools with which you can validate simulations or measure prototypes.

  • Diabatix
  • June 6th, 2018

Diabatix and Formula Student team Delft: an international, cross-border alliance

As a prominent innovator in AI top-end cooling and heat spreading technology, Diabatix acknowledges the need to broaden our horizons. It's the only way we will preserve our renowned position as a pioneer in the many technological areas of application where we operate. Our drive to expand and share expertise now also pushes us across national borders. Today, we put our highly professional mix of AI processes and human creativity in service of the ambitious FS Team Delft: the Formula Student team at the University of Delft, the Netherlands. Discover this fascinating collaboration that pushes both parties forward to unprecedented achievements!

  • Ellen Vanderstraeten
  • May 3rd, 2018

Why S-shaped cooling channels are bad and how to improve

In this video, Joris Coddé (CTO of Diabatix) explains the standard cooling solution for machine components and electronics: the liquid cold plate with an S-shaped cooling channel. It is stressed why such a design poses a problem for the electronics mounted on such a cold plate; the electronics near the outlet of the cooling channel are subject to an increased risk of overheating.

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