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The most optimal heat sink design, generated in no time through Diabatix generative design software.

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Better thermal




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  • Optimize thermal and flow
    Increase your thermal performance by up to 30%, reduce your thermal resistance, improve your heat transfer, lower your pressure drop, and much more.
  • Save time and reduce costs
    Leverage the power of supercomputers and AI to automate your design process, making it exponentially faster.
  • Greater design freedom for your projects
    Generate highly efficient heat sinks that transcend the restrictions of traditional CAD geometries.
  • Manufacturability guaranteed
    Sheet metal forming, 3D printing, CNC milling, die casting and more. From unique project to mass production, Diabatix has you covered.
A feature overview

Tons of great features.

  • Easy Setup

    No installation, maintenance, or computing power necessary
  • Expert Support

    Receive expertise and guidance from a dedicated team of thermal engineers
  • Newest Technology

    Leverage state of the art generative design technology for a better heat sink design

We enable engineers to rapidly design cooling components for optimal heat transfer.

Lieven Vervecken, Diabatix CEO & Co-Founder

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Thermal Resistance Calculator

Calculate the heat sink thermal resistance required to maintain a specified component junction temperature.

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Lander Matthé
Thanks to Diabatix, we were able to greatly improve the thermal performance of our stator cooling. We also gained valuable insight on the new cooling system thanks to their expertise and speed.

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