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Gain +20% in cooling performance

Design smarter with generative design

Our generative design software will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

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Generative design
Conventional design
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Find the optimal heatsink for any product and budget

Leverage the power of state-of-the-art algorithms, high-performance computing and accurate physical modelling to design the cooling that fits your requirements. For any budget, ColdStream can help you find the best cooling for your product without the need for expert knowledge.
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Standalone or as integration into your existing toolchain

Generative design is the perfect intermediate between CAD environment and simulation software. Simply draw your design challenge, let ColdStream generate the solution and continue validation in your preferred simulation environment.

Minimize your effort,
maximize your performance

  • Find your optimal heatsink effortlessly
    Benefit from the power of supercomputers and AI to automate your design process, making it exponentially faster. Select standard design dimensions or leverage the possibilities of topology optimization.
  • Predict temperatures with precision
    Assess the temperatures of your product early in the design process to minimize the risk of product overheating. Low-cost quick assessments or high-end CFD simulations, ColdStream supports you all the way.
  • Manage your team and projects
    Manage multiple product design workflows simultaneously and collaborate with your colleagues, all within the same environment.

Enabling beginners,
empowering experts

Minimal setup

No installation, no maintenance, no hardware. Experience the benefits of cloud computing.

Minimal learning

Introduce an intuitive workflow with minimal required expertise and minimal learning curve.

Maximal support

Find answers to all your questions in our documentation pages, webinars or via our live software and engineering support, provided by a dedicated team of experts.

Design cycle time
Design performance
Human engineering time
Required expertise
Hardware investments


1-3 weeks
Beyond human capabilities
< 1 hour
Any engineer
No installation, always latest version
From anywhere with any device

Classical engineering

2-6 months
10-20 days
Thermal expert
HPC cluster + maintenance
Lengthy, repeated installations
Dedicated computers only

What our customers
say about us

“Diabatix's ColdStream platform is a really interesting proposition for both SMEs and corporate enterprises.”
Tim Woolmer

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