Assess thermal performance within minutes

Why wait hours for CFD results when you can get a first impression in minutes? ColdStream automatically creates a thermal network approximation of your product for fast feedback.

Rely on advanced flow and heat transfer approximations to speed up calculations. Above all, thermal networks give very fast feedback on the expected cooling performance for your case setup.

Finetune your case setup

ColdStream analyzes your inputs and automatically constructs a lumped-element model to create a thermal network. Each region and boundary are represented by a separate node and the connectivity between the nodes is automatically deducted from the case set-up.

Thermal network analyses use simplified physical models and correlations in order to be able to calculate very fast. This allows to get a quick first estimate of the expected cooling performance for your case in a matter of minutes.

Find your heatsink at minimal cost

Use thermal networks to find the optimal heatsinks for your product. ColdStream automatically adopts state-of-the-art correlations for each heatsink type to enable fast iterations.

Forget about manual spreadsheet calculations with numerous disadvantages and adopt the latest technology for your product.
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