Generative Thermal Design for Automotive

Unlike pure parametric or shape optimization, generative design through topology optimization is extremely adaptable.
Just one small change to your boundary conditions will result in a completely different, yet optimal design topology. Perfect for the many thermal challenges the automotive industry is facing today.
No initial design needed, no limit on complexity, no design bias. Maintain your workflow, improve your heat sink.

Easy-to-use in-browser platform

Our in-browser generative design platform lets you create the optimal thermal design for your automotive application. This is made possible by using iterative design together with the power of supercomputing and AI.

The result is an optimally designed heatsink using complex shapes, often impossible to achieve using traditional methods.

Enabling high energy dense batteries

High energy dense lithium-ion batteries allow EVs to increase their payload capacity and range, while also decreasing cost – an essential point for the continual growth of the EV market. Cooling these batteries, however, has acted as a strong barrier against increasing their power even more.

We are breaking down these cooling barriers with our AI driven approach. In the following comparison, one can see both a Diabatix designed liquid cooled heat sink and a conventional liquid cooled heat sink for an EV battery. In terms of results, our design performs notably better.

Achieve better results, faster through AI-driven thermal design

Optimally performing design
The power of computing allows you to take an extensive data set of permutations and possibilities into account, which are used to fine-tune your optimally performing established using geometry and considering a set of constraints. These constraints are conduction areas, material flow paths, costs etc.
Explore, compare & validate design simultaneously
Explore several designs simultaneously and compare your design options with as many as you like. We’ve seen our clients comparing 1000s of different designs. Enabling you and your engineers to quickly assess which design fits your project’s objectives.
Speed up the design timeline
Leverage AI to explore, test and validate complex design iterations in an effective and efficient way and at scale. When an engineer has one design, our platform delivers thousands simultaneously!

Why choose generative thermal design

For Automotive
The automotive sector is changing rapidly due to customer’s changing demands. The current socio, cultural and political sphere are all demanding energy efficient, smarter cars.

Taking into account electrification, mass customization, automation and new manufacturing methods are changing the public’s eye on what type of car we want and the processes which are used to make them are questioned.
  • High temperature uniformity
    The small channels have a high contact area with the liquid, improving the convective cooling.
  • High thermal mixing
    The small pockets ensure that the thermal boundary layer is interrupted and subsequently re-initiated.
  • High heat transfer
    The small structures and pins have a high contact area with the liquid, resulting in very high heat transfer.
  • Effective flow
    The large channel carries cold liquid through to the smaller channels, which then regulate flow through a bottleneck effect to ensure even distribution.
Intro video

See our software in action

With generative design, the role of designers and engineers is to frame the problem and define the goals. The software then interprets and uses this to guide its way towards an optimal design option.

Automotive industry example heat sink designs

E-motor Cooling Jacket

Liquid cooling for an e-motor. Designed to reduce motor temperature.

Liquid Batter Cold Plate

Liquid cooling for a battery. Designed to reduce mass, yet maintain minimal temperature.

Electronics Cooling

CNC milled cooling for the back of an e-motor motor. Optimized for different heat sources.

Converter Cooling

CNC milled heat sink for high power IGBTs. Designed for minimal pressure drop.

Formed Cold Plate

Designed to increase the thermal uniformity of the batteries.

Laser Diode Cooling

Micromilled heat sink for a laser diode. Designed to minimize temperature.

Outline graphic depicting hand nurturing a heart

Proud sponsor of the Belgian formula electric team

with the supply of crucial parts for regulating heat and energy in the car.

Heat transmission between battery cells

The batteries needed to power this high-tech race car generate an enormous amount of heat. Diabatix AI-designed components evacuate this heat more quickly and more efficiently. Our technology is unsurpassed.

Motor housing

The motor, the beating heart of the car, generates extremely high temperatures. These are detrimental to the car’s performance and potentially life threatening if not carefully managed. The motor housing is designed with the Diabatix innovative artificial computing power for optimum performance.


The power generated by the batteries needs to reach the motors with the greatest efficiency. Diabatix provides ingenious convertors and IGBT, thus powering the motors with unrivalled conservation of power.

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