Design and analyze your LED cooling with minimal effort

Adequate LED thermal management is essential to guarantee a long product life. Our generative design technology has found its way into this increasingly challenging expert domain. Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

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Prolong the life of your LED light with efficient cooling

Accurately predicting peak temperatures with convenient thermal simulations give you the confidence you need to assemble long-lasting LEDs.

Software-driven thermal analysis has never been more accessible, with no previous simulation experience required. Boost your design team's productivity with reliable simulations of any air or liquid-cooled solution.

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Speed up the development of your next generation LED lights

Optimizing the cooling design can improve production costs, material usage, and the operating range. Standard heatsink optimization allows finding the best off-the-shelf product, while topology optimization can push fully customized designs to the limit.

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