August 16, 2023
45 min

Streamlining Battery Pack Design

Overcoming Complexity and Accelerating Design Cycles
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Join our upcoming webinar with our partner Synera for an exclusive session where we delve into the world of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packs, uncovering common challenges from design to analysis. At the core of it all, lies the delicate balance between energy density, lifespan, safety, and cost. But here's the catch – traditional design tools simply don't cut it when it comes to incorporating these crucial criteria seamlessly.

If you find yourself struggling to coordinate various disciplines and software tools, slowing down your design cycles and delaying your projects, we have the game-changing answer you've been searching for.

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      During the live webinar and interactive Q&A session, you’ll gain insights into:

      • Design and engineering challenges
        Delve into the complexity of design and engineering challenges for EV battery packs.
      • Accelerate design cycles through automation
        Learn how to use automated integration of software tools like MATLAB, Diabatix Coldstream, and CAD for efficient battery pack designs.
      • The power of Synera
        How to leverage Synera to achieve optimal designs, breaking free from constraints of disparate software and achieving engineering excellence.
      • Connecting engineering disciplines
        Learn about our solution for EV battery pack designs by connecting engineering disciplines and crucial criteria seamlessly.

      Who needs to attend

      • Designers & engineers involved with cooling solutions for batteries
      • Thermal engineers that need custom designs to meet performance requirements
      • Engineering management and decision-makers interested in generative design software for conjugate heat transfer
      • Existing ColdStream users that are interested in our battery cooling applications

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      Meet your host

      Roxane Van Mellaert, Jousef Murad and Andrew Sartorelli
      Roxane Van Mellaert is Chief Product Officer at Diabatix; Jousef Murad is Senior Product & Marketing Manager at Synera; and Andrew Sartorelli is Product Manager and Partnerships Manager at Synera

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