Optimize your Christmas (lights)

December 14, 2021
Optimize your Christmas (lights)
Ir. Niels Verdijck
45 min

The lights on your Christmas tree might not require heatsinks, but most high-end lasers and LED lights do. High-power laser and LEDs require efficient thermal management. A good heatsink ensures that the light doesn’t fail catastrophically. In this webinar, Ir. Niels Verdijck, Customer Support Engineer at Diabatix, will show you how easy it is to design heatsinks for Laser/LED lights on Coldstream.


  • Engineering approaches for thermal management
  • Case study: High-end laser

Who needs to attend

  • CFD Engineers
  • Engineers working in the LED/laser industry
  • Engineers working in the automotive industry
  • Innovators looking to incorporate generative design
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