March 2, 2023
30 min

Custom Heatsink Design for Air-Cooled Lighting Fixtures with Natural and Forced Convection

See thermal topology optimization at its best.
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Explore how thermal topology optimization can create high-performing organic-looking heatsinks to boost the thermal performance of any naturally or forced convected air-cooled application, such as lighting fixtures. ColdStream automates your heat sink design, making industry-leading cooling solutions from scratch with case setups that take fewer than 10 minutes. Join us to see the future of thermal design.


      • Design methodology for thermal components
      • Design requirements
      • Custom heatsink design → topology optimization
      • Questions?
      • Discover ColdStream

      Who needs to attend

      • Individuals active in the LED and lighting industry
      • Designers with no thermal and/or CFD background looking for a user friendly thermal software
      • Designers who are looking to implement innovative new cooling methods like generative design
      • Decision makers and team leads looking to maximize efficiency through saving engineering time and material costs
      • Thermal engineers providing air and liquid cooling solutions for lights‍

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      Meet your host

      Adrian Kramer
      Adrian is part of our application engineering team and is passionate about helping companies innovate through the adoption of thermal generative design. With a background in mechanical engineering and sustainable energy technologies, Adrian holds an MSc. Degree from the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Denmark and a BSc. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA.

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