September 6, 2023
30 min

Innovative Sheet Metal Forming Technique Meets Unique Generative Thermal Design Software

Unveiling the future of thermal management with Diabatix's ColdStream and Benteler.
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Join us on a transformative exploration with Diabatix and Benteler. Together, we'll unveil how ColdStream's cutting-edge thermal generative design took Benteler's precise specifications and designed a cold plate that redefines cooling standards. Dive into this webinar to discover the potential of computational design in reshaping thermal management.


      • The Need for Advanced Cooling Solutions
      • Introduction to Diabatix
      • Introduction to Benteler
      • Case Study: Battery Cold Plate
      • Q&A
      • Discover ColdStream
      • Discover Benteler

      Who needs to attend

      • Designers & engineers involved with cooling solutions for batteries
      • Thermal engineers that need custom designs to meet performance requirements
      • Engineering management and decision-makers interested in generative design software for conjugate heat transfer
      • Existing ColdStream users that are interested in our battery-cooling applications
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      Meet your host

      Niels Verdijck
      The guest for this webinar is Gabriel Heinrich, Manager CAE Business Unit EES at Benteler | Ir. Verdijck joined Diabatix team on July 2021, after achieving his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the renowned University of Leuven. During his time at the University, Niels worked on multi-objective topology optimization of a microjet cooler. Currently, as Customer Support Engineer, he focuses on helping ColdStream users with their projects by providing them with insights and feedback.

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