May 20, 2021
45 min

High performance IGBT cooling

Learn about the benefits of generative design for high-performance IGBT cooling.
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Ing. Gert-Jan Paulus, AI Design Engineer at Diabatix, will enlighten you on the benefits of using Generative Design to design heatsinks for power electronics and how it can push your thermal design to the next level. By demonstrating how to generate a CNC-milled heatsink, designed for optimal thermal performance, you will get insights into the benefits of implementing the Diabatix platform in your workflow.


      • Getting started with the Diabatix platform
      • Case study: Generating an IGBT heatsink, optimized for thermal performance with Generative Design
      • Live Q&A

      Who needs to attend

      • Thermal engineers / Thermal architects
      • Engineers working on Power Electronics
      • Team leaders & managers who are looking for optimized thermal efficiency
      • Innovators that want to meet the newest state-of-the-art technology
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      Meet your host

      Ing. Gert-Jan Paulus

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