May 16, 2024
30 min

Generative design for thermal management of LEDs

This webinar demonstrates how Diabatix and Avient use generative design and thermally conductive plastics to enhance LED thermal management through ColdStream.
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Join Diabatix and Avient as we explore the use of generative design for thermal management in LED applications, highlighting a case study on replacing aluminum with thermally conductive plastics for a heat sink, made possible by ColdStream’s flexible design capabilities. The session will demonstrate how Diabatix's smart algorithmic approach and Avient's material expertise streamline design and prototyping processes, reducing weight and maintaining performance. Key discussions will focus on leveraging digital tools to minimize manual iterations and optimize product development, showcasing the potential of advanced materials in enhancing thermal solutions for LEDs.


      • Introduction
      • About Diabatix
      • About Avient
      • Thermal management of LEDs
      • Case study: Heat sinks
      • Results
      • Questions?
      • Discover ColdStream
      • Discover Avient

      Who needs to attend

      • Individuals active in the LED and lighting industry
      • Designers with no thermal and/or CFD background looking for a user friendly thermal software
      • Designers who are looking to implement innovative new cooling methods like generative design
      • Decision makers and team leads looking to maximize efficiency through saving engineering time and material costs
      • Thermal engineers providing air and liquid cooling solutions for lights‍

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      Niels Verdijck & Inès Mesmer

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