Electronics cooling - Taking air cooling to the next level

Improve the reliability of electronics with better thermal management
June 24, 2021
Electronics cooling - Taking air cooling to the next level
Ing. Reshmaa Selvakumar
45 min

Contemporary society uses all manner of electronics in day-to-day life. This has made electronics cooling critical in our lives. With technological advancement, there is an increased interest in effective thermal management to improve reliability and prevent early failure. Ing. Reshmaa Selvakumar, Application Engineer at Diabatix, will give you her insights on how generative design benefits electronic thermal management by demonstrating how to generate an air-cooled heat sink with the Diabatix platform.


  • Active cooling
  • Generating an air-cooled heat sink with Generative design
  • Fan parameters

Who should attend?

  • Thermal engineers / Thermal architects
  • Engineers working in the electronics industry
  • Engineers working with air cooling.
  • Innovators looking for better thermal management of electronics

An overview of our features

Native CAD file export
Easily incorporate your optimized design into your existing workflow.
Input multiple constraints
Push the limits of your design optimization with multiple constraints.
Cloud based platform
Run physics-based simulation workflows in the cloud to get timely results.
Accurate meshing
Our software utilizes highly refined meshing for accurate results.
Extensive material library
Possess an extensive library of heat sink materials, with each altering the design outcome.
Gradient based algorithms
Our software is powered by gradient based algorithms, resulting in optimal design outcomes.
Artificial intelligence
Coupled with supercomputing power, AI enables design optimization speed.
Optimize for multiple goals
Optimize for low pressure drop in tandem with low temperature, among many others.
Extensive manufacturing library
Optimize for different manufacturing techniques, including subtractive ones.