March 30, 2023
45 min

ColdStream 3: Fast, Secure, Flexible

We are thrilled to announce that our ColdStream software is advancing to the next level with the release of ColdStream 3.
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We are excited to announce the release of ColdStream 3, the latest version of our platform. With the introduction of new physics features, advanced security elements and an upgrade of runtimes, we are proud to take thermal design to the next level. Join us for the launch of ColdStream 3!


  • Summary of the new functions of ColdStream 3
  • Why ColdStream 3 is a valuable asset to you
  • Q&A

Who needs to attend

  • Thermal Engineers
  • CFD Engineers

Meet your host

Lieven Vervecken, Roxane Van Mellaert and Ine Vandebeek
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