March 28, 2024
30 min

Accelerating heat sink design with ColdStream & PyFluent GPU technology

Revolutionizing design through the synergy of generative software and advanced simulation.
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Generative design is changing the way we optimize design for efficiency and creativity. In this webinar, we will explore how Diabatix is revolutionizing the design of heat sinks through its ColdStream platform. We will also look at how PyFluent and GPU acceleration are seamlessly integrated into the ColdStream platform. By using these technologies, engineers can significantly reduce design cycles and enhance cooling performance for applications in aerospace, automotive, and high-performance computing, among others. We will also discuss how the generative design capabilities of ColdStream and the computational efficiency offered by PyFluent's GPU-powered simulations work together to achieve greater performance.


      • Introduction
      • Effortless thermal generative design with Diabatix's ColdStream
      • Fast GPU-backed CFD simulations with Ansys' Fluent
      • Thermal engineering tool integration between Ansys' Fluent and Diabatix's ColdStream
      • Q&A
      • Discover ColdStream

      Who needs to attend

      • Individuals interested in an easy thermal engineering tool integration
      • Designers with no thermal and/or CFD background looking for a user friendly thermal software
      • Decision makers and team leads looking to maximize efficiency through saving engineering time and material costs

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      Meet your host

      Lieven Vervecken
      Dr. Vervecken is the CEO and co-founder of Diabatix, a software company specialized in advanced thermal design. Dr. Vervecken received a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from KU Leuven and incorporated his expertise into the advanced A.I. technology at the heart of Diabatix.

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