Optimised thermal management in semiconductor fabrication using AI-enabled generative design and Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Lieven Vervecken, Gert-Jan Paulus


An unexpected consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been its impact on the multibillion dollar semiconductor microchip market: at the very same moment as demand for consumer electronics skyrocketed due to global lockdowns, the supply of semiconductors was bottlenecked by production disruptions. Now, supply chain shortages threaten the production volume of the industries dependent on these parts. Scott Green and Niels Holmstock, 3D Systems, and Lieven Vervecken and Gert-Jan Paulus, Diabatix, explore how generative thermal design and metal AM can be used in parallel to increase efficiency in semiconductor fabrication and boost the speed at which these vital components can be produced.


  • How to use a generative design and metal additive manufacturing workflow to optimize part designs while reducing manufacturing time and increasing component reliability
  • The benefits of using additive manufacturing to produce components designed for function, driving increased performance and productivity
  • Examples of advanced semiconductor applications enabled by additive manufacturing and their impact on component efficiency


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