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November 25, 2022
Renaud Gaban

Simulating fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena with satisfying accuracy is an incredibly complex task generally achieved using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). ColdStream is not an exception to this rule and runs all simulations and optimizations through CFD calculations. But solving physical equations simultaneously for millions or even hundreds of millions of small discrete portions of space is a task of complexity that is way beyond what your average computer can do.

Fortunately, in the past century and especially over the last 30 years, the computational power of our machines has increased exponentially, as is famously described by Moore's law. This increase in power has fuelled innovations and opportunities in various industrial and scientific fields. For example, modern weather forecasting systems run many models on incredibly powerful clusters that allow them to simulate vast portions of the Earth system on relatively short time and space resolutions.

Fig. 1. Moore’s law.

Using ColdStream to run your simulations and optimizations, you feel what supercomputers can achieve. Indeed, every time you submit a case on ColdStream, it is transferred to our High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, called Gompute. Gompute was selected from over ten HPC providers, mainly for their impressive calculation speed. Their bare-metal system equipped results in low-latency interconnect, and their compute nodes are tailored for CAE workloads. We further optimized the computational speed by multiplying the resources so that each core is used at the best of its capacity, as we tested and reproduced in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2. Decrease in runtime with number of cores

As the term “cluster” suggests, this supercomputer is a network of numerous connected computers that share their computing power to allow heavy CFD computations. Although this clustering leads to an architecture that is itself very complex, ColdStream guarantees through the service of Gompute that every data that is transferred to the supercomputer is extremely safe and secure.

To finish with an interesting quip about supercomputers, did you know that they belong to the machines that rely the most on cooling techniques to remain operational? Without cooling, the CPUs would reach temperatures of more than 100°C in a matter of seconds while they need to be kept under 30°C to remain at the highest efficiency. This is why we can say, in a somewhat ironic way, that ColdStream participates in improving the performance of its own motor.


Now that you know everything about how heavy CFD simulations are run on ColdStream, read about what a simulation is and test it yourself on ColdStream!

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