Partnership With “Revolution in Simulation” | Diabatix

April 6, 2022
Bart van Eijck

Diabatix CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Ir. Lieven Vervecken:

"Diabatix aims to revolutionize simulation technology with a focus on generative thermal design, and as Rev-Sim managed to build up a community of world-renowned engineers to promote exactly this "next step", it goes without saying our visions align perfectly. This is the reason Diabatix is proud to support Rev-Sim."


As Rev-Sim announces a survey to study the use, effects, and opportunities for non-CAE experts to perform complex simulations during all stages of product development, we would like you to share your valued insights and vision. Designers, engineers, and other professionals involved in product development processes are encouraged to participate in the study by visiting: .

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