Our CEO to speak at Thermal Management workshop | Diabatix

January 26, 2024
Sarah da Silva Andrade

Join us at the University d’Artois in Béthune for Diabatix's CEO presentation at the TECH DAY: Thermal Management of xEV Powertrains. Lieven Vervecken will take the stage to discuss "Enhancing xEV Thermal Management with Generative Design," a pioneering approach to thermal challenges in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

In his talk, Lieven will explore the integration of generative design in thermal management, focusing on applications in electric motors, battery cooling, and more. His technical talk features an in-depth case study, highlighting how generative design is streamlining the thermal design workflow and increasing efficiency and performance across various applications within xEV powertrains.

This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in a deep experience of thermal management, especially within the growing EV market. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Check the specific details of Lieven’s presentation below. The full program is available here.

Diabatix at TECH DAY: Thermal Management of xEV Powertrains

🌎 Faculté des Sciences Appliquées in Béthune

📅 February 8, 2024

📍 Session 4 (14:50 - 16:00)

🎤 "Enhancing xEV Thermal Management with Generative Designs", Lieven Vervecken

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