Seeking Investors To Broaden Scope of Engineer | Diabatix

February 15, 2021
Lieven Vervecken

The Belgian engineering company, Diabatix, is seeking investors to further develop the engineering design algorithm that powers their artificially intelligent virtual engineer. “We want to expand the current capabilities of the engineering design algorithm to meet the growing demand for virtual engineering. We believe we can really play a pioneering role in this field,” says Diabatix CEO, Lieven Vervecken.

In the age of electric vehicles, computers and smartphones, one of the most prominent challenges facing high tech companies is the effective and reliable cooling of their innovations. Innovations in tech trend towards packing greater power into smaller spaces, which makes cooling challenges ever more complex and overheating an increasingly prominent roadblock. The issue is, that in order to create an optimal cooling solution for a high powered application such as a battery or E-motor, it is incredibly time-consuming due in large part to the conventional trial and error process. To confront this challenge, Diabatix has developed an artificially intelligent design approach to cooling that eliminates trial and error. Their approach is defined by an engineering design algorithm, which powers their virtual engineer who creates high performance thermal designs in a matter of days.

Diabatix’s designs are used in situations where extreme cooling is needed, which is becoming a norm today. Lander Matthé, a project manager at ENGIE, comments that “Thanks to Diabatix, we were able to greatly improve the thermal performance of our stator cooling. We gained valuable insight on the new cooling system thanks to their prompt service and the speed with which their virtual engineer delivered our design.”

Due to their effective thermal design formula, Diabatix now has the ambition to increase the skills of their virtual engineer to design for other disciplines of engineering. For this reason, Diabatix is seeking investors by means of a series of funding rounds. A complete prospectus is available for interested investor candidates upon request.

Interested investors are invited to reach out for more information at

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