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February 13, 2021
Lieven Vervecken

In collaboration with AB InBev, we’re proud to announce that you can now enjoy your chilled Jupiler for longer, with our ‘Langer Koud’ Jupiler beer can design.

Langer Koud / Froid Plus Longtemps

Our unique ribbed can design disrupts the flow of air along the can, which keeps the beer colder for longer.

“Our optimized can design has a unique ribbed pattern, which disturbs the streamlines of air passing over the can. This alters the velocity at which the air travels and introduces a layer of insulation around the can, which means that the beer inside heats up slower” comments Dr. Ir. Roxane Van Mellaert, Diabatix Head of Operations.

Cool down on Sunday in Brussels

“We are used to keeping electric cars and electronics cool. That is why it was a fascinating challenge to apply our artificial intelligence to the Jupiler beer can. We are excited about the new design that keeps Jupiler colder for longer, "says Lieven Vervecken, CEO of Diabatix.

To kick off the new cans, AB InBev is distributing free Jupiler flavored ice cream made by Ghent ice creamery, De IJsster, near the Central Station in Brussels this Sunday afternoon, on the Belgian National Day of 21 July 2019. The ice cream will be served in the new Jupiler cans.

You can find the new ‘Langer Koud’ Jupiler cans in all stores, but full of beer instead of ice cream.

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