Diabatix & SDU Accelerate Topology Optimization Research

June 13, 2022
Bart van Eijck

Generative design and topology optimization are getting more and more interest from a research point of view and the industrial world. Both Diabatix and the Multiphysics Simulation and Optimisation (MSO) group from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), spearheaded by professor Joe Alexandersen, are pioneers in this field. Earlier this week, a formal collaboration agreement was signed between both parties which kicks off an intense research collaboration.


Together, Diabatix and MSO identified a number of key research topics for which they aim to push the boundaries of the current state-of-the-art in the field. To this purpose, Diabatix has made its flexible software framework Poseidon, the backbone of ColdStream, available for SDU together with the required manpower. Now, SDU has not only the brains, but also additional resources to accelerate and elevate its high-level research.

The collaboration between Diabatix and SDU has only just started, but this first exchange was an important milestone towards a fruitful cooperation with many more mutual exchange possibilities towards the future. Furthermore, the cooperation aims to let the entire scientific community prosper from their findings. Whenever a scientifically relevant breakthrough is reached, publication of the findings in scientific journals is aimed for with the goal of stimulating other parties to continue developments just like they have.

About SDU

Joe Alexandersen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and heads the Multiphysics Simulation and Optimisation (MSO) group at the SDU Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The MSO group focuses on efficient computational methods for multiphysics and topology optimisation of multiphysics problems, hereunder flow and heat transfer problems. He received his Ph.D. in 2016 from the Technical University of Denmark and his work has been internationally recognized with the 2015ISSMO/Springer Prize for Young Scientists and a 2017 DTU Young Researcher Award.

About Diabatix

Diabatix is a Belgian software company that specializes in thermal analysis and generative design thermal components. Created on the forefront of the newest developments in topology optimization, generative design and machine learning, Diabatix has developed a technology that can create optimized thermal designs from scratch.

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