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February 18, 2021
Lieven Vervecken

As a prominent innovator in AI thermal cooling and heat spreading technology, Diabatix acknowledges the need to broaden our horizons. It's the only way we will preserve our renowned position as a pioneer in the many technological areas of application where we operate. Our drive to expand and share expertise now also pushes us across national borders. Today, we put our highly professional mix of AI processes and human creativity in service of the ambitious FS Team Delft: the Formula Student team at the University of Delft, the Netherlands. Discover this fascinating collaboration that pushes both parties forward to unprecedented achievements!

Meet the competition: FS Team Delft

With academic precision and youthful passion, the ambitious FS Team Delft is working on a racing car that needs to be hyper-efficient, ecological and above all: super-fast. With this car, these enthusiastic students compete for the top prize in the Formula Student competition: the largest car design competition in the world.

It is a fast vehicle indeed: from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.2 seconds? Check! Because the car delivers more horsepower per kg than any common production car, it achieves maximum efficiency.

Add Diabatix's top notch technology to this youthful enthusiasm and inquisitive creativity, and you know that we're dealing with a genuine competitor on the racetrack.

Diabatix AI for blistering performance

Diabatix eagerly invests in knowledge sharing through projects that fit our innovative vision. It is the driving force behind this international cooperation. The racing car of FS Team Delft is significantly upgraded with our high-tech components. Each of these components is the result of ingenious AI processes that were driven and created by ambitious, human creativity. Where do we make the difference?  

• Heat distribution between the various components: The components that drive this high-performance car generate an enormous heat. Via AI processes, Diabatix builds components that canalize the scorching heat effectively and quickly. Our results in this area are almost unrivaled.  

• The engine itself, the heart of the car, also develops extremely high temperatures. If this devastating heat is not properly channeled, it can completely reduce the performance of the car and even injure the driver and technical staff for life. Diabatix provides the technology that runs this entire process safely, sustainably and efficiently.

Progress knows no limits

In the pursuit of an optimal expansion of knowledge and know-how, short-sighted protectionism makes little sense. At Diabatix we are convinced that everyone benefits from exchanging expertise. Boundaries are there to be shifted, as this win-win situation proves.  

By investing in young talent, we translate our future-oriented vision into concrete projects. The students of today will be the ones who will have to face the major challenges regarding ecology and technological efficiency in the future. Diabatix gladly provides them with these educational and supportive opportunities.

What’s in it for us? Of course we also learn about the possibilities of AI and the boundless applications where it can be used every day. We are already looking forward to witness how this collaboration with FS Team Delft will not only destroy limits, but also pulverize records!

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