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March 1, 2021
Lieven Vervecken

Diabatix pioneers in cutting-edge cooling technology. Infallible artificial intelligence stemming from our engineers’ human creativity is a differentiating factor in the most diverse high-end applications: from aircraft construction over informatics to even Formula 1. The mix of AI and human ingenuity raises the bar to dazzling heights at Diabatix, higher than at any other company in the world. We are the only digital engineering agency to offer this innovative expertise. As pioneers in the Flemish knowledge economy we gladly support budding homegrown engineering talent. Meet Formula Electric Belgium, the electronic equivalent of Formula 1 in Flanders!

Driven by passion, guided by expertise

At Diabatix we like to keep pace with every new development. We are not afraid of some healthy competition, on the contrary. That is what Formula Electric Belgium stands for: an ambitious project for students looking for distinction through innovation and guts. The goal? To compete for first place in the internationally renowned Formula Student race competition. Engineering students at KUL and Thomas Moore tinker with unrivalled tenacity with a high-performance electrical racing car. Diabatix is giving this team a massive lead on the starting grid. Who needs a false start with an impressive acceleration power of 2.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h?

Diabatix: innovation for scorching performance

Diabatix sponsors the Formula Electric Belgium team with the supply of crucial parts for regulating heat and energy in the car. How do we do this?

  • Heat transmission between battery cells : the batteries needed to power this high-tech race car generate an enormous amount of heat. Diabatix AI-designed components evacuate this heat more quickly and more efficiently.  Our technology is unsurpassed.

  • Motor housing : the motor,  the beating heart of the car, generates extremely high temperatures. These are detrimental to the car’s performance and potentially life threatening if not carefully managed. The motor housing is designed with the Diabatix innovative artificial computing power for optimum performance.
  • Convertors: the power generated by the batteries needs to reach the motors with the greatest efficiency.  Diabatix provides ingenious convertors and IGBT, thus powering the motors with unrivalled conservation of power.  

The near organic structures developed by our AI applications skim the limits of what is technically feasible with the materials used, evidently whilst safeguarding safety and durability.

Heat regulation is hot, green efficiency is cool

The cross-fertilization between young blood and calculated high-tech creates a win-win situation.  Diabatix creates opportunity for the team to score a win, the company enjoys the advantages of the Formula Electric Belgium knowledge platform.

The common motor is the aim for steady progress in green energy. Diabatix and Formula Electric Belgium constantly push the boundaries for the next generations.  That is why we proudly affix our logo to this exciting symbol of ecological progress.

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