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July 13, 2021
Bart van Eijck

At Diabatix, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our ColdStream platform: the safest and most secure supercomputing powered generative thermal design software on the market. Combining supercomputing power with enhanced data security measures, you’ll wonder why you ever considered any other way of increasing your thermal efficiency.

Levels of security

At Diabatix, we know security is extremely important to our users, and it’s one of the core principles that has helped us create the truly amazing product we’re sharing with you today. We also realize that not everyone requires the same level of security. This is why we’ve implemented 2 different security levels: standard and military grade. To be clear, both levels offer the most common security specifications on the market, starting at website level (https), database level (FIPS-level 3 and 4) and at the HPC level. And it’s thanks to great industry partners like IBM and Gompute that all of this is made possible so there’s no sacrifice in safety choosing one over the other.

• FIPS Level 3

Diabatix’s standard security offering of FIPS Level 3 provides more than enough protection for most users and their projects. The best thing about FIPS Level 3 protection is that it ensures a robust data protection threshold, while also offering a productive balance on operational convenience. 

• Military grade security

But for those who crave a security level in line with military grade requirements, there’s FIPS Level 4. This features the highest level of hardware and data protection. If data hardware is somehow compromised or changes outside normal operational conditions are detected, the hardware encryption card will destroy the master key for information access within nano-seconds, making the data unusable.

Supercomputing and security

Last but not least, by using supercomputing we can guarantee you are always running on the latest security updates. Supercomputing power is not only provided and scalable, but it’s also manageable from our unique dashboard. At any given moment, you can see up to the moment updates on which resources are being used, where they’re located, and who is using them for rendering or project creation. This all will guarantee your ease of mind. Thoroughly reviewed by many customers in industries like automotive and medical imaging, all expecting very high levels of security, we at Diabatix are truly leaders in secure and efficient generative thermal design software. And now, we’re making our generative thermal design software even more accessible to you!

Get in touch with us and see for yourself, the security and power that lies behind Diabatix’s generative thermal design software and our state of the art, secure supercomputing platform.

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