Boosting EV Performance: A Dive into Formula Electric Belgium's Partnership with Diabatix

July 7, 2023
Formula Electric Belgium

Advancing Electric Vehicle Performance with Diabatix's ColdStream Software

Here at Formula Electric Belgium, our mission is to push the limits of electric vehicle performance. One important aspect of achieving optimal performance is effective cooling and thermal management. In our pursuit of innovation, we have partnered with Diabatix and their advanced software, ColdStream. This blog post will explore how ColdStream is improving our research and development efforts to enhance efficiency and cooling for future custom drives.

Streamlining Cooling Solutions for Future Custom Drives

As part of our ongoing research, we are investigating the use of custom drives in our future electric racecars. These drives are designed to deliver exceptional performance while being more lightweight and compact than in previous years. However, they also generate significant heat that needs to be efficiently dissipated. ColdStream, developed by Diabatix, enables us to perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimizations to improve cooling solutions for our custom drives. By utilizing the software's capabilities, we can design cooling systems that ensure optimal temperature management, enabling the drives to operate at their maximum efficiency.

Custom drive cooling (Courtesy of Formula Electric Belgium)

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Simulating Cooling Solutions for Enhanced Motor Performance

Efficient motor operation is crucial in our quest for a high-performing and efficient Formula Student racecar. ColdStream plays a vital role in simulating and optimizing cooling strategies for our motors. We can analyze different cooling techniques through advanced CFD simulations and assess their impact on motor performance and efficiency. Using ColdStream, we aim to develop innovative cooling solutions that keep the motors' temperature within acceptable limits, resulting in improved performance and increased durability.

Power train (Courtesy of Formula Electric Belgium)
Cooling jacket (Courtesy of Formula Electric Belgium)

User-Friendly Interface and Comprehensive Documentation

ColdStream's user-friendly interface has been invaluable in our research and development process. The software's intuitive design allows even students with limited prior knowledge to run CFD simulations effortlessly. Additionally, Diabatix provides comprehensive documentation and support, ensuring that our team has access to valuable resources and can fully leverage the software's potential.

Our collaboration with Diabatix and the utilization of ColdStream software represent a significant milestone in our research and development efforts. By harnessing the power of CFD optimizations and simulations, we aim to enhance future custom drives' efficiency and cooling capabilities. ColdStream's user-friendly interface and complete documentation have empowered our team to explore innovative cooling solutions and continue advancing electric vehicle performance.

With the support of Diabatix and their cutting-edge ColdStream software, Formula Electric Belgium remains at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation.

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