Design your battery cooling for maximal performance with minimal effort

Battery cold plate design is becoming increasingly challenging but our generative design technology has found its way into this expert domain. Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

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Thermal analysis generative AI solution trusted by companies worldwide

Pushing battery cooling with generative design

When designing battery packs, temperature management is crucial. While traditional engineering approaches have proven to be effective, they have their limits. With generative design you can push these boundaries. ColdStream is the first software platform in the world that offers generative design for thermal management of batteries.
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Standalone or as integration into your existing toolchain

Generative design optimization is the perfect intermediate between CAD environment and engineering simulation software, providing:
Efficiency: Generative design optimization uses advanced algorithms and AI to generate and evaluate thousands of design options in a fraction of the time it would take for an engineer to create and test each design manually. This efficiency saves time and resources during the design process.

Integration: Generative design optimization can seamlessly integrate with CAD environments and engineering simulation software, allowing engineers to quickly and easily incorporate design changes and evaluate their impact on system performance.

Flexibility: Generative design optimization allows engineers to specify design requirements and constraints, such as weight, material properties, and manufacturing capabilities, and generate designs that meet those requirements. This flexibility allows for rapid iteration and exploration of design options.

: Generative design optimization can explore design options that would be difficult or impossible to consider using only traditional CAD and simulation software. This opens up new possibilities for innovation and optimization.
diabatix provides thermal design optimization, using cad software to the customers simulation software to determine effectiveness and results
Draw your thermal design challenge with personalized content and let ColdStream generate the cooling solution. Continue validation in your preferred simulation environment or software.

Unique designs, exceptional performance

Unlike pure parametric or shape optimization, generative design through topology optimization is extremely adaptable. Any change to your operating conditions can result in a completely different, yet optimal design topology. Perfect for the many thermal challenges you are facing today.
Liquid cooled E-motor
Air cooled invertor
Liquid battery cooling
Design cycle time
Design performance
Human engineering time
Required expertise
Hardware investments


1-3 weeks
Beyond human capabilities
< 1 hour
Any engineer
No installation, always latest version
From anywhere with any device

Classical engineering

2-6 months
10-20 days
Thermal expert
HPC cluster + maintenance
Lengthy, repeated installations
Dedicated computers only

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