Design your battery cooling for maximal performance with minimal effort

Battery cold plate design is becoming increasingly challenging but our generative design technology has found its way into this expert domain. Our software ColdStream will help you during every phase of the cooling design process - from first designs to virtual testing and detailed analysis.

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Gain up to 25% cooling performance with generative design

When designing battery packs, temperature management is crucial. While traditional engineering approaches have proven to be effective, they have their limits. With generative design you can push these boundaries. ColdStream is the first software platform in the world that offers generative design for thermal management of batteries.
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Customized designs ready for mass production

Whether you need mass manufacturing-ready designs or only prototypes for limited volumes, our generative design engine is ready to serve your needs. Battery cooling designs can be adopted to a wide range of production techniques ranging from plate stamping to roll bonding.
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