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The most optimal heat sink design, generated in no time through Diabatix generative design software.

Curious to know how our software works and learn more about generative thermal design? We would be happy to show you.

Schedule a 30-minute interactive session with one of our engineers at your convenience.

This initial meeting involves:

  • A short demo of the platform.
  • Discuss the different packages.
  • Understand your requirements.
  • Plan next steps.
“When we benchmarked the price of one of the big off the shelf packages and the size of the team required to run them and also the expertise required. And compare that against the cost of the Diabatix platform and being able to run it with engineers, it was actually a really significant cost delta. I think those two things coupled together make Diabatix platform a really interesting proposition for both small and medium size businesses but also bigger businesses too.”
Tim Woolmer