Our Vision

We believe in a world where artificial intelligence will drive engineers to design beyond human imagination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies develop cutting edge products by designing, prototyping and testing state-of-the-art thermal components. We achieve this by using a combination of human engineering experts and in-house developed Artificial Intelligence software.

Our Strategy

In our daily strategy we want to be as close as possible to the thermal specialists of the world's leading R&D companies. We create maximum accessibility through various channels with utmost respect for confidentiality and by providing them with useful and inspiring content. 

In order to create maximum proximity with these global players we provide an accessible human point of contact, in between the customer and the A.I. system. To maximize involvement in the product development we take an active role in the prototyping and the testing of our designs.

We are taking a leading role in showing the world how A.I. and human engineering working together can create tremendous opportunities for humanity.  Inspiring the general public with eye-opening examples and providing them with general information on the design technologies of tomorrow is the way we will achieve this.
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