The proof is in the eating of the pudding! No matter how great your designs and your CFD analysis are, nothing beats putting your designs to the test. Why not make use of our testing services? We make the optimal design of your cooling components, we make the prototype and we take it to the lab. Think about the most advanced measuring and testing equipment available, set up in a state-of-the-art testing facilty to verify all technical data and cooling behaviour you want to have tested. 

We know you want to be closely involved in the testing proces, so feel free to come and participate in the testing proces and be involved in the setup of the tesEven if you give us the trust in performing the tests, several intervention points are built in in the testing procedure to allow you to stay in full control of the testing process, even if you're not physically there. At the end a formal testing report will be provided with clear and detailed information on the performed tests.

If you have the prototype testing done by Diabatix, you have the advantage of speed! You would like to make some adaptations to the design input? We put it immediately in the A.I. engineering system and you are testing and redesigning in parrallel. 

Have you ever seen such an efficiency in product development? Give us a call if you want to know some more on our testing services.
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