The most complicated and sensitive devices in the world are found in the semiconductor and microelectronics. Extreme accelerations combined with very high precision do not ignore the inertia effects. Every weight saving that we can achieve in the cooling components on the moving parts of the machines means better production results.

In addition, a very compact construction of the machines, combined with a mix of supercooled components and highly warming components, creates a huge technical challenge to keep all thermal flows under control. Diabatix's AI designs the optimum cooling component for every challenge so you can have total thermal control without having to compromise on a compact design of your machine.

Are you looking for an extremely uniform temperature distribution for certain parts?Then Diabatix can design a cooling or heating element for you so that you get uniformity up to a few hundredths of a degree Kelvin.

Of course, the ICs you design must also be cooled efficiently. Are you looking for custom-designed optimal cooling fins for your specific IC cooling, or do you use active cooling for certain ASICs or processors? The AI ​​of Diabatix designs the optimum cooling channels, taking into account the exact heat load, your choice of materials and your cooling fluid properties.
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