You are in R&D and you are not only interested in great designs. You also want to make the leap towards the physical world. Why not our prototyping services? You give us the go ahead and we start making a one-off or a small batch of cooling components our system designed. 

Diabatix offers you a selection of prototyping production technolgies like metal 3D printing, plastic 3D printing and CNC milling. In terms of materials we offer a wide range of materials depending on the availibility withing the selected production method. We can even take it one step further and have the design produced in several materials to allow you to start comparing.

Our team of preferred partners all have a wide experience in industrial prototyping so don't you worry about long leadtimes. We know speed is key in your R&D process. And of course the confidentiality you hold dearly stays priority during the entire prototyping service during the transaction of the design data, during the production and of course during the delivery in your facilities. 

Give us a call if you want to know some more on how we handle our prototyping service!
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