What is generative thermal design?

Generative thermal design is an iterative process. The idea behind it is that each new design iteration becomes better than the previous one, with the process continuing until the optimal design is reached. By using the computing power of artificial intelligence, like our virtual engineer does, this generative process is both fast and optimal.

In an AI driven generative design approach, thousands of design iterations are calculated. In a conventional classic trial and error approach, the number of design iterations typically stays within the single digits. By the time a thermal engineer comes up with one design iteration, our virtual engineer has already computed thousands.  

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Benefit from the power of AI


We guarantee the fast provision of a high performance thermal design, even in cases where boundary conditions and optimization goals are most demanding.

Temperature minimization

Temperature uniformity maximization

Weight minimization

Heat flux maximization

Power maximization

Pressure loss minimization

Thermal compliance optimization

Thermal deformation minimization

Thermal resistance minimization

High performance meets high manufacturability


Our generative thermal designs can be fully manufactured using both standard and experimental techniques.

CNC milling

3D printing

Sheet metal forming

Die casting


Injection molding



Photo-chemical etching

Roll bonding

High powered tech requires high performance cooling


Our designs are used in situations where cooling is absolutely critical.


Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries

High energy dense batteries

High powered electronics

Electron microscopes (SEM)

High powered lasers

High powered LEDs

Central Processing Units


Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in AI driven generative thermal design. Through the development of an advanced engineering algorithm, our design process is fully automated and carried out by X, the first virtual engineer. By uniting artificial intelligence and human expertise, we are revolutionizing high tech cooling by providing custom high performance thermal designs, fast.