• by: Joris Codd√©
  • July 17th, 2018
  • Category: Video

Lecture on engine cooling

Engines are a preponderant heat source in both mobile applications and manufacturing machines. In this lecture, our Principal Developer Joris delves into the cooling of engines. The first engine he studies is the combustion engine of a bomber plane manufactured just before WWII. The second engine is an electric motor, which was used in a manufacturing line. Surprisingly, combustion engines are still cooled the same way today. Learn more in this short lecture.

Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in advanced thermal design software. Through the potent combination of AI and generative design, our software is capable of designing, analyzing, and optimizing heat sinks and cold plates with extreme speed and efficiency. With a focus on high density cooling, the thermal designs generated from our software are made to cool the high powered tech of today and tomorrow.