Liquid cooling is the standard choice for many high energy dense applications, like e-motors, EV batteries, and lasers based on its ability to maintain thermal efficiency and performance.

With any liquid heat sink, pressure drop, temperature uniformity, and thermal resistance are crucial factors in determining overall performance. Our generative designed heat sinks consistently outperform conventional s-shaped heat sinks in all three factors. With some essential boundary conditions known, our virtual engineer will finish your optimal design in a matter of days.

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Comparison: Diabatix vs Conventional

+15% thermal uniformity

-25% thermal resistance

-50% pressure drop

Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in AI driven generative thermal design. Through the development of an advanced engineering algorithm, our design process is fully automated and carried out by X, the first virtual engineer. By uniting artificial intelligence and human expertise, we are revolutionizing high tech cooling by providing custom high performance thermal designs, fast.