We offer highly efficient cooling components for high powered tech.

Designed by AI, approved by engineers

We solve your thermal design challenges using 

human expertise and artificial intelligence.

When you work with us, you'll receive an expert thermal 
consulting service and gain access to 
the most
powerful heat sinks and cold plates on the
market, fast.

High density cooling
is our specialty.

More than topology optimization

Conventional topology optimization serves as inspiration for engineers to design industry ready, manufacturable solutions. It solves a part of their design challenges. Without the additional work of the engineers themselves, the design couldn't be manufactured.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, that's no longer the case. Our advanced engineering design algorithm surpasses topology optimization by solving entire design challenges autonomously, providing fully manufacturable and highly efficient designs in a matter of days.

, our virtual engineer, is powered by artificial intelligence. 
Generative thermal design is what was born to do.

Generative Thermal Design Examples

In our weekly design series, XWeekly, we showcase the high performance designs generated by our virtual engineer using artificial intelligence.

In need of high performance cooling?

Schedule a consultation with one of our AI design engineers.

Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in AI driven generative thermal design. Through the development of an advanced engineering algorithm, our design process is fully automated and carried out by X, the first virtual engineer. By uniting artificial intelligence and human expertise, we are revolutionizing high tech cooling by providing custom high performance thermal designs, fast.