Cooling is a fundamental challenge in many devices for medical imaging. The superconductivity in an MRI by means of liquid helium is very critical. We can also mean something for the warming parts of a CT scan. A perfect temperature control is indispensable. Thanks to Diabatix AI, you have complete control over the temperature of the thermally critical components. In addition, we also ensure that there is a perfect uniformity in the temperature, by designing the optimum shape of the cooling components in function of the exact heat sources and cooling flows.

Healthcare also means innovation on a very small scale: minilabs on a chip that analyze small quantities of blood are often very sensitive to temperature. Diabatix also works on a very small scale to go to the perfect uniform temperature distribution in order to achieve the best results.

In the pharmaceutical and medical industry there is a lot of research equipment that is very sensitive to temperature. 
Do you want complete control over temperature uniformity in the measuring instruments you manufacture? Use Diabatix's AI design service to achieve the optimal shape of your passive or active cooling components, which takes into account all the heat sources in your appliance.
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