Formula 1

Where the bar in the automotive industry is high, ten times higher, it is in Formula 1. Every part is designed to the limit not to weigh too many grams. There is a lot of power electronics in today's Formula 1 cars, to charge and discharge batteries, to charge and discharge supercaps, to control certain components electronically.

But also think of electric motors in the electric version, the Formula E, where extremely powerful electric motors are used, which can efficiently get rid of their heat.

Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled components are used, and because they are almost always metal parts, they quickly become very heavy. Think of 20-30% weight saving with these components, and you understand what an impact Diabatix has on the performance of the car.

Each part is heavily loaded, but some are also thermally heavily tested: the shock absorbers, the brake discs, the engine cooling, ... Here too, Diabatix can achieve a 30% increase in the cooling efficiency, which translates into weight savings that can make the difference between profit and loss.

We not only determine the optimal topology of the components, but can also compare dozens of different materials in order to arrive at an optimal cost-benefit analysis.

Because we know that secrecy is extremely important, we work with various security systems to prevent leaks.
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