An IGBT in a rectifier, a thyristor in a motor control or just a switched power supply: they all have to be cooled. Sometimes a standard heatsink does not dissipate the heat or has to be transferred to liquid cooling, risk of leakage is already the result. Diabatix designs the optimal shape of the cooling components so that air can still be cooled. Or we design a liquid cooling system with optimum cooling channels so that a much smaller pump can be used.

In consumer electronics, overheating is a very topical problem. Passive cooling components do not adequately dissipate the heat and active cooling is often not an option. Diabatix designs the optimal passive cooling components so that your products are safe, but also a compact form factor is retained.

Also in the telecom we see the energy densities continue to increase, with the big challenge to avoid overheating. HPC equipment, heavy routers, broadcast equipment, all of them suffer from cooling problems. Diabatix designs the optimum cooling components, both for passive cooling, active air cooling and liquid cooling in order to keep all equipment at the right temperature with minimum energy consumption.

Anyone who says modern electronics also says optical applications, such as LED lighting, professional projectors, industrial lasers. All these appliances generate enormous amounts of heat, which is often difficult to drain. Diabatix designs the optimum cooling components and chooses the most suitable materials for you.
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