AI Engineering

The Diabatix engineering team guides you through the complete design process of  your cooling components design. We are a group of highly qualified CFD specialists, structural engineers and materials specialists so your design is in good hands. 

What can we design for you? About all possible cooling components you can think of: liquid coolings, air coolings, passive cooling, heat pipes, radiation cooling, conductivity cooling, ... The applications are wide. The only thing our customers have in common: pushing the boundaries of technology.

The only thing we need from you are the fysical design boundaries of your cooling components and some data on your heatsource(s) and coolant media. You send us the data using our high-security communication platform and we take it from there. If needed we can even set up a physical pickup of your data on a physical data carrier. We know confidentiality is extremely important for you so have adopted the highest standards in the industry when it comes to security.

Once we have got the data we need, our specialists upload it in our supercomputer and our A.I. engineering software starts designing towards the optimum you have selected. You want to go for extreme low-weight, your prefer the lowest possible temperature design or maybe the smallest pressure drop? Our systems design towards the selected optimum. We can even go a step further: wouldn't it be great if you would get a comparison of different materials and a comparison in weight, cooling efficiency and even in cost? That's what we call a real sensitivity analysis. Typically this doesn't take longer for the system to generate as we can run hundreds of designs projects in parallel.

How about manufacturability? Our system knows the limits of different production technologies and designs within the constraints of the selected manufacturing technology. Be it CNC milling, 3D printing of sheet metal forming or casting, you select the technology and we start designing with the technical boundaries. It gets even more interesting when we start comparing the different production technologies in terms of the efficiency of the design. That's what we call an interesting sensitivity analysis!

Of course we don't immediately go to the detailed designs. We can do some faster runs to get some conceptual designs and together with you we select the design you want elaborated into a detailed and manufacturable design.

Why don't you contact us and we have a talk on the possible ways we can help you in the optimal cooling design?
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