AI Engineering

Diabatix guides you through your cooling components' design process. Whether it’s liquid or air cooled heat sinks, passive cooling components or heat spreaders (or any other solution), we make it tailored to your specific needs.

Our highly-specialised human engineering teams are backed by groundbreaking artificial intelligence software. Thanks to its incredible computing power, the software processes a myriad of results in less than a few seconds. This allows it to make smart design decisions, delivering the robust and reliable solution you need.

While pushing the boundaries of technology, we always take into account your requested design criteria. The cooling systems we architect keep the temperature spatially uniform within one thousandth of a degree. They also comply to extreme requirements - eg. lightweight demands, lowest achievable temperature, etc., ready to be used in space and Formula 1 applications.

However progressive our designs may be, we always make sure they can be manufactured within the constraints of the selected machining technology. CNC milling, 3D printing, sheet metal forming, die casting or other applications: our designs fit them all.

Our designs outperform in real world circumstances. This is because we vigorously evaluate different material options comparing cooling capacity, energy efficiency, weight and cost.

Making the leap towards the physical world?

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