About us

Diabatix is a Belgian engineering company specialized in all aspects of custom thermal design. For this, she relies on the use of AI in combination with numerical simulations. But don’t expect to find shiny supercomputers at their offices. Instead, the only thing you will find is some IKEA furniture, a few coffee makers, and of course, a highly educated international staff (most of them holding a PhD) with a natural drive for innovation. The supercomputers? Those you will find at their carefully selected suppliers. This approach allows Diabatix to focus on what really matters: helping companies develop cutting edge products by defining the state-of-the-art of thermal design.

Executive committee

Lieven Vervecken
Co-founder & CEO

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD in mechanical engineering
Family status: Married and proud father of one son
Leisure time: Spending time with family, reading

Lieven is Chief Executive Officer and initiator of Diabatix. Within this role, he is in charge of overall management and business development. Prior to founding Diabatix, he finished his PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium) in the field of numerical simulations. Lieven strongly believes that only true empowerment of people can bring out the best in them. He does everything to ensure that this is possible within Diabatix.
Joris Coddé
Co-founder & CTO

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD in Electro-mechanical Engineering
Family status: Single
Leisure time: Climbing 

Joris is involved in Diabatix since the very beginning and he can be considered the architect of the Artificial Intelligence system. He obtained his PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium) on improving the thermal modeling of power transformers in 2015. As Chief Technology Officer of Diabatix, he in charge of defining the technological road map and overseeing its implementation. Every day again, he passes a relentless drive for innovation to the staff.
January 2018
We celebrate our 10th paying customer
September 2017
Launch AI design service
May 2017
First patent filed
October 2016
Successful proof of concept
February 2016
Founding of Diabatix
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