About us

Diabatix is an engineering company based in Belgium that focuses on all facets of customized thermal design. Artificial intelligence proves its unlimited potential today and will only gain in impact in the future. We strive to help companies by developing advanced products that ingeniously redefine the very essence of thermal design. As a highly reliable business partner, we combine innovation and creativity to develop world-class engineering systems.

Our international team consists of highly skilled thermal engineers with an innate passion for innovation. This combination of human expertise and boundlessly creative AI power leads to unique, unrivaled results. We use dynamic numerical simulations that perform an infinite amount of operations at extremely high speed. This innovative high end process guarantees you a highly advanced and efficient thermal design in no time.

Executive committee

Lieven Vervecken
Co-founder & CEO

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD in mechanical engineering
Family status: Married and proud father of one son
Leisure time: Spending time with family, reading

Lieven is Chief Executive Officer and initiator of Diabatix. Within this role, he is in charge of overall management and business development. Prior to founding Diabatix, he finished his PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium) in the field of numerical simulations. Lieven strongly believes that only true empowerment of people can bring out the best in them. He does everything to ensure that this is possible within Diabatix.
Joris Coddé
Co-founder & CTO

Nationality: Belgian
Education: PhD in Electro-mechanical Engineering
Family status: Single
Leisure time: Climbing 

Joris is involved in Diabatix since the very beginning and he can be considered the architect of the Artificial Intelligence system. He obtained his PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium) on improving the thermal modeling of power transformers in 2015. As Chief Technology Officer of Diabatix, he in charge of defining the technological road map and overseeing its implementation. Every day again, he passes a relentless drive for innovation to the staff.
Diabatix NV
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