ColdStream projects

Our generative thermal design services

In our current industry, we like to stay versatile to adapt to the various needs of the market. We know very well that every project is different, and to be able to service every type of project, we need to be flexible. That’s why Diabatix doesn’t only offer its software through the online ColdStream platform, but we also provide ColdStream projects.


With our ColdStream platform, you are the designer of your projects from start to finish. You can import custom files and use these on the platform to run simulations and analyses at your ease. We give you the resources you need and give you the freedom to do with them as you wish. You can run multiple projects simultaneously, view the results whenever you want, and choose your roadmap.

ColdStream projects

If you are more interested in getting results and letting us handle the calculations, that’s also perfectly possible. Aside from our online platform, we also offer ColdStream projects. First, we discuss the project with you, and then we’ll make the necessary design and analysis runs ourselves and share the results directly with you.
“Diabatix' ColdStream platform is a really interesting proposition for both SMEs and corporate enterprises.”
Tim Woolmer